Improve your marketing with online digital tools

Today they are a wide range of tools available to help organisations with their marketing communications. However choosing the right tool – or combination of tools – to meet your goals such as fundraising, attracting volunteers, and supporting your core activities can be a challenge.

This course is firstly designed to give you an overview of the key digital tools including Mailchimp, LinkedIN and explain how they could be used to meet your goals.

Secondly it is designed to help you get the best these tools, via practical, hands-on experience.

Learning Objectives

    • How to choose the most appropriate tool to meet your various goals​

    • How to create content suitable for different tools​

    • Overview of Mailchimp, Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter and their key features​

    • Tools for fundraising campaigns​

    • Practical tools and techniques​

  • How to measure the overall effectiveness of your activities​


Very well, structured professionally, delivered training. 

content was good and covered a range of DMT in good detail. It’s the kind of course that works best when people can ask questions (which happened) as everyone has different levels.

the content is relevant and real world examples are helpful.