The Signal-Man – a cautionary tale of Digital Innovation

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Traditionally the Winter months are the time for ghost stories and spooky tales. I watched one of the best recently. Charles Dickens’ short story, The Signal-Man, is the story of a lonely signalman on a lonely line who foresees his own death. It’s beautifully written with a strong sense of … Read More

Smart Directions: the imperative to change in the Print Industry

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Smart Directions Conference May 2017 : Better Business – Invaluable Insights for Printers The focus of this year’s Smart Directions Conference 2017 was on seeking out ideas and inspiration that can help print businesses to prosper and grow. How can you diversify … Read More

Digital transformation in Publishing – my presentation to The Galley Club

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Here’s my presentation to the Galley Club last night on Digital Transformation in the Publishing Industry. [slideshare id=74430250&doc=presentationforpublishereventapril4th-170405083426] Here’s a write up of the event by members of the Galley Club.   an excellent account of e-business transformations and what this … Read More

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