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Watching the stories go by – Random Acts of Listening
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A strange thing happened to me last year in Oxford city centre. I had just decided to leave my job and start a new career, working locally. At the time I was troubled. Would I find work ? How long … Read More

The Signal-Man – a cautionary tale of Digital Innovation
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Traditionally the Winter months are the time for ghost stories and spooky tales. I watched one of the best recently. Charles Dickens’ short story, The Signal-Man, is the story of a lonely signalman on a lonely line who foresees his own death. It’s beautifully written with a strong sense of … Read More

Dockless bikes – digital transformation on two wheels
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As I was walking along Broad Street, Oxford I saw three students cycling. One of them, a young woman, stretched out her arms and shouted spontaneously, “Isn’t it great to be alive ?” It was a timeless scene.  The Autumn Sun … Read More

Living to tell the tale – #Thisissuccess
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I wrote this article as part of LinkedIN’s content series on the topic of success in the UK. #Thisissuccess. When I was careering down the Matterhorn, it’s safe to say that “success” was definitely not on my mind. In fact nothing … Read More

New interactive lesson on how Marketers can get a competitive advantage from GDPR
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This is my interactive lesson to explain how Marketers can get a competitive advantage from Data Protection and GDPR.  Let me know what you think !

GDPR – big sticks but carrots too for Marketers to create a competitive edge
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Much of the focus and attention surrounding the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation  (GDPR)  has been around the big sticks that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) will wield. The level of fines will be significantly increased  – up to 4% … Read More